Get ready. Get set…

Bendigo Basketball is back!

Starting Monday, the domestic competition returns to Bendigo Stadium! As games begin, there are a number of procedures that ALL players, parents, coaches and team managers need to be aware of.

ALL PLAYERS NEED TO BE REGISTERED TO THEIR TEAM. If they are not registered, they will not be allowed on court. Coaches or team managers should have distributed Play HQ links to all teams. Please check with them if you haven’t received a link.

All teams need to appoint a team manager. Team managers and coaches also need to register via Play HQ and link themselves to their team (same process as a player, there is no cost to do this).

Entry to the stadium has changed. Teams must wait outside the main stadium entrance and enter 10 minutes before game time. A QR scan is needed as you enter to record your details – this can be done using the camera app on your smart phone. Click here for a short video explanation.

Entry to the courts has been divided into three ‘zones’ Depending on what court you’re playing on, you will need to enter via the right door. Click here for a link to court entry.

NO BASKETBALLS to be brought into the stadium and only one spectator per player. The doors will also be locked after the game start time, so don’t be late!

At game end, please leave the stadium immediately. Bio safety officers will need to clean each court before the next game begins.

Stadium staff have been working extremely hard, under stressful circumstances, to get basketball going again. It’s up to US to make it work by following the procedures above and taking all the necessary precautions. The alternative is no basketball… so while it’s not ideal, let’s give it our best and get back to the game we all love!

Go Beavers!

Getting closer!

Hello all!

Just a note to bring you up to date, the BBA is planning to begin Junior Basketball on Monday 13th July (the start of term 3).

* Beavers have entered all the club teams that have enough players and plan to play in the reduced Winter Season.

* As this stage the BBA does not want clubs to register players until they have the draw ready, possible later next week. When that is prepared they will ask clubs to get their teams to register their players, they will then go straight onto the Stadium Scoring system, if this does not work we may have a paper scoresheet for a little while.

* I will send all the Coaches/Managers their team link next week and this can be sent on to all the players to register themselves into their team in the new PlayHQ system. This is a new database replacing Sports TG (Sporting Pulse)

* Due to the Covid-19 health issue the Stadium has been rearranged to allow the BBA to abide by the Basketball Victoria Return to Play guidelines, player entry into the stadium will be managed by Staff to ensure the numbers at the courts are adhered to. More information will be sent out over the holidays to try and educate the players and parents as to how we access the courts. (We need to make you all aware that the kids are not allowed to take their own ball into the stadium)

* These arrangements may have an effect on the Beavers Club teams that practice at the stadium, we will know if there are courts available next week after the draw is available.

* Beavers may need to find courts outside the stadium for teams to use, this will be a cost that we have not budgeted for so we will be asking for the Season Club fee to be paid during this season.

Any questions call me.
Peter Allan

It’s a date!

Bendigo Basketball is returning! The Winter season will begin on the following dates…

Junior domestic competition returns Monday, July 13 for a 10 week season, including finals.

Senior domestic competition returns on Monday, July 20 for a 9 week season, including finals.

Team entries for the Winter season are still open, so get your team together and enter here. Limited places available and entries close 12pm Friday June 26.

Please also note, there are new Basketball Australia ‘Return to Basketball’ guidelines that must be followed to ensure the safety of all involved.

The Bendigo Basketball Association and Beavers Basketball Club are asking ALL Coaches and managers to undertake a short infection control training course before the Winter season begins.

Click here to go to the course.

Once you register, go to the training course page, find the e-learning course titled INFECTION CONTROL TRAINING  –  COVID 19

The course only takes 15-30 minutes to complete. At the end of the course you will be asked to pass a multiple choice assessment task. When completed successfully you will be able to print your certificate.

Look forward to seeing all teams back on court!

The comeback is on!

As the fight against Covid19 continues and the nation steps slowly towards a new normal, a return to the domestic basketball also begins to look a little closer.

Here at Team Red, we are hoping for a return to competition sooner rather than later! The Bendigo Basketball Association is working hard behind the scenes and while isolation is an opportunity to brush up on skills, we’re all yearning for some 5 v 5 hardwood action!

Teams for the Winter season were entered before the lockdown began. So now is a good time to check in with players and coaches to make sure everyone is safe, well and looking to return when the season commences.

We understand the hardship and difficulties (financial and otherwise) faced by many over the last 6-8 weeks, so please touch base and if you have any concerns about coming back, please also let us know. You can email Peter Allan here or call 0419 394 783

For those looking for more basketball specific information on Coronavirus restrictions, click through here to check the Basketball Victoria website.

Look forward to seeing all teams back on court SOON!


Summer season around the corner!

The Bendigo Basketball Association Winter domestic season is heading into finals. Good luck to all teams competing – especially those in red! Keep up to date with the finals fixtures here and get along to show your support.

As one season ends, another is about to begin, the 2019/20 Summer Season entries are now open. Time for Team Red to assemble! Join us on Wednesday August 28 from 7pm in the Bendigo Stadium Green Room to begin working through team entries for the new season.

The change from Winter to Summer season means a shift in age groups. As such, some teams may be looking for additional players and some players may also be looking for a new team! If you or your child falls into either category, come along so you don’t miss out!

Go Beavers!

Finals Time!

It’s almost that time again! The 2018/19 Summer season is fast approaching finals, with less than two weeks of regular season games left to play!

To take part in finals, all players must play a minimum of 6 regular season games (in the one team). To check your eligibility click here.

Keep an eye on the fixture for your age group and division to see when you’re on court.  We all look forward to seeing Team Red well represented in the post season, good luck to all players, coaches and supporters! Go Beavers!

And while the Summer season reaches an exciting conclusion, it’s also time to look ahead to the 2019 Winter season. Get your team together and click through here to enter. The Winter season entries close on Monday, April 8. For more information, email Bec Smith at the stadium.

Game on!

We’re back! Well… sort of.

After a two week break, footy finals and a quick re-charge… The 2018/19 summer season has tipped off, with teams returning to the courts for grading games over the next 5 weeks.

See when your team is playing by clicking here.

Please be aware that there will be disruptions in the opening rounds, with other events at the stadium impacting the domestic competition. Click here to see what nights are affected.

Good luck to all teams playing in the new summer competition (especially those in red). Look forward to seeing you all at the stadium!

Go Beavers!

Summer Season entries

The 2018 Winter season is fast approaching the pointy end! Good luck to all teams over the next few weeks of regular season as we head towards the finals!

Entries are also now open for the 2018/19 Summer season! Enter your team here. Age divisions will change at the start of the new season, click here to check what age group you are eligible for.

And don’t forget, Team Red is holding a Fundraising dinner on Tuesday 28th August from 6.30pm! Come along to the Bendigo Stadium Bistro to help celebrate 60 years of Beavers Basketball in the Bendigo domestic competition. RSVPs to by Tuesday 21st August.

Winter Season 2018

Domestic Basketball is back! Who’s excited?!

The Bendigo Basketball Association 2018 Winter season tipped off this week, with games underway from Monday afternoon.  It’s great to be back on court, even better to see  Team Red running around again!

Grading with take place over the next 5 weeks, so please make sure you are keeping up to date with your team’s draw here. Please note there may be changes to the fixture, game times etc over the grading period as all the teams settle into competition.

Plus, if you needed another reason to get down to your local stadium, don’t forget the Bendigo Braves SEABL season is also underway with their first home game this Saturday night vs Hobart. To keep up to date with all the latest SEABL action, click here.

Good luck to all teams competing over the coming months. Go Beavers!

Here comes Winter!

The 2017/18 Summer season is reaching its pinnacle and finals are just around the corner! Good luck to all teams participating in the post season, especially those in a Beavers uniform!

While the Summer season heads to a glorious crescendo, it’s also time to look ahead to the 2018 Winter season. Entries are now open, click here for more information and to enter! Entries close 4.30pm Tuesday April 3.

And don’t forget, if you or someone you know is looking for a team, email Team Red here and we’ll do our best to get you on the court!

Go Beavers!