Trickshot Challenge

Here’s something that may keep the boredom at bay for a few hours!

Given we can’t get on court for the foreseeable future, let’s have a backyard ‘trickshot’ challenge¬†online! Film your best low ring dunk, outrageous bank shot or behind the backboard buzzer beater and post it on our facebook group page or tag it on instagram using #teamredtrickshotchallenge !

Use your imagination! Extra points given for weird and wonderful props and post shot celebrations. (Please be safe – ER doesn’t need additional patients at the moment)

Bonus points to comments from participants that are encouraging and supportive – in these times, we don’t need any negativity!

The rules… well, I’ll work that out as we go along. If you need any further information or have an idea to add elements of difficulty email me here!

Let’s go Team Red!

Summer Season Finals

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and subsequent suspension of the summer domestic season, the BBA have made the below decision regarding finals.

If your team played in the 2nd semi-final on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and won that game, then that team will be recognised as the top team in that Division.

If your team was defeated in the 2nd semi-final your team will be recognised as the Runners up in their Division.

For the teams that played on Fridays, who did not get to play any finals, The BBA decision is that the team that was on top of the ladder in their division will be declared as winning the division and the team in 2nd place on the ladder will be the Runners up.

All trophies have been given to the clubs to distribute. Please contact Peter Allan 0419 394 783 / 5443 9370 to arrange collection.