Get ready. Get set…

Bendigo Basketball is back!

Starting Monday, the domestic competition returns to Bendigo Stadium! As games begin, there are a number of procedures that ALL players, parents, coaches and team managers need to be aware of.

ALL PLAYERS NEED TO BE REGISTERED TO THEIR TEAM. If they are not registered, they will not be allowed on court. Coaches or team managers should have distributed Play HQ links to all teams. Please check with them if you haven’t received a link.

All teams need to appoint a team manager. Team managers and coaches also need to register via Play HQ and link themselves to their team (same process as a player, there is no cost to do this).

Entry to the stadium has changed. Teams must wait outside the main stadium entrance and enter 10 minutes before game time. A QR scan is needed as you enter to record your details – this can be done using the camera app on your smart phone. Click here for a short video explanation.

Entry to the courts has been divided into three ‘zones’ Depending on what court you’re playing on, you will need to enter via the right door. Click here for a link to court entry.

NO BASKETBALLS to be brought into the stadium and only one spectator per player. The doors will also be locked after the game start time, so don’t be late!

At game end, please leave the stadium immediately. Bio safety officers will need to clean each court before the next game begins.

Stadium staff have been working extremely hard, under stressful circumstances, to get basketball going again. It’s up to US to make it work by following the procedures above and taking all the necessary precautions. The alternative is no basketball… so while it’s not ideal, let’s give it our best and get back to the game we all love!

Go Beavers!

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