The comeback is on!

As the fight against Covid19 continues and the nation steps slowly towards a new normal, a return to the domestic basketball also begins to look a little closer.

Here at Team Red, we are hoping for a return to competition sooner rather than later! The Bendigo Basketball Association is working hard behind the scenes and while isolation is an opportunity to brush up on skills, we’re all yearning for some 5 v 5 hardwood action!

Teams for the Winter season were entered before the lockdown began. So now is a good time to check in with players and coaches to make sure everyone is safe, well and looking to return when the season commences.

We understand the hardship and difficulties (financial and otherwise) faced by many over the last 6-8 weeks, so please touch base and if you have any concerns about coming back, please also let us know. You can email Peter Allan here or call 0419 394 783

For those looking for more basketball specific information on Coronavirus restrictions, click through here to check the Basketball Victoria website.

Look forward to seeing all teams back on court SOON!


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