Making the Grade

Grading meetings for the 2018/19 Summer Season are upon us, with only a few more days of grading games to go before we settle in for the season proper.

The grading meetings will be held on Wednesday November 14 (for Monday & Tuesday night teams), Thursday November 22 (for Wednesday night teams) and Monday November 26 (for Friday night teams). If your team needs to move up or down a division, please be sure to notify the Bendigo Basketball Association or attend a meeting to state your case.

More information regarding the grading meetings can be found here

If you are unable to attend the meetings, but need to move your team to another division, please contact Rebecca Smith on 03 5444 6221 or email her here.

Once the meetings are complete, the full season fixtures will be released, click here to head over to the Bendigo Basketball Association website to see when your team is playing!

Go Team Red!

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